“Morocco Wedding Photographer – Travel”

Going OTBP in Morocco near ruined us…in a good way. Just a few weeks before that we were in Santorini Greece with it’s laid back vibe and friendly buzz, this at a time when Greece was feeling the pinch from a recession that near crippled its economy and yet Santorini boasted an untouchable persona where tourism kept them in the game and that they overcame the depression by hiding their money under their beds rather than entrusting the banks to “keep them safe”.

Morocco furthered that teaching by schooling us about ‘the grassroots struggle’. Whether it was standing your ground to the little schemers and scammers down the back alley labyrinth of Marrakesh souks or the false advertising of grand accommodation, without an apology but rather directions to get to that location you thought you were staying at (and at a price lol), or getting lost in the Atlas mountains whilst following the “trusted” Sat Nav, through one of the worst blizzards we’ver ever encountered whilst driving an SUV (that suffered a flat tyre due to a land slide! True story) One thing was certain Morocco was a place that taught you the art of survival and discernment to avoid discretion.

And should you take it for what it was, you were guaranteed experiences and friendships so strong that it would last for an eternity.

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