When we first met Amy Oram, our initial introduction came in the form of ‘Teeki Designs’ by way of a custom made cat eared headpiece worn by one of our brides.

We instantly felt a connection to the piece of art and not long after we finally had the chance to meet the designer herself in Sydney whilst on holiday.

This was to be the start of a friendship that centred around the love of Art, culture, fashion and adventure.

When Amy approached us about collaborating on a shoot here in Fiji we didn’t need much persuading as the opportunity to work with some amazing artists (both locally and regionally) was too much of a draw to refuse and gave us the opportunity to experiment with some new camera gear that we’d just bought.

The following styled shoot which we have entitled “The Wanderling” is the result of that connection.


(Full vendors listings detailed below).

Stylist Team: Amy Oram and Kama Catch Me

Headpieces: Teeki Designs By AmyOram

Model: Salanieta Koro

HMUA: Hair/Makeup Perfectionists Fiji


Desert Gown: Georgia Young Couture

Ocean Gown: Anna Campbell

Accessoires: Samantha Wills

Metallic Tattoos: Vanish Ink

Wedding Photographers Fiji: Kama Catch Me Photography