“Lead with Love” Greg & Georgia – Wananavu Fiji Wedding Photographer

I think we have always been drawn to a relaxed and beachside atmosphere, and with us living (and running our own business) in Melbourne we were really struggling to find a venue that was “us”. We had never been to Fiji before, so in March we flew to Wananvu for three days to see if it would “fit”. In all of our travels we have never encountered so many people with such genuine kindness in their hugs, greetings and existence it felt like we were home. After three days I felt so sad to leave. The resort felt homely and suited us perfectly. Keleni was a big decider for us, she took on board my overly organised element of my personality, and made me feel at ease. Greg and I will hold Fiji in our hearts for all our lifetime. The energy that we feel when we are there is indescribable. A home away form home.

Can you tell us a bit about the day through your eyes:

Although the lead up was such a hurricane, with trying to organise everyone to get there and all the running around in between, on the day itself everything felt calm in my heart. We have had such a journey over the last 7 years, and our love story is a complicated one before we truly found each other. So our wedding day for me was a reflection of how far we have come.

I just knew that everything was as it should be. Sort of like I was the eye of the storm, where everything around me was so crazy, but within myself I felt still. I had butterflies in my stomach the whole day from pure excitement at seeing Greg at the alter, and knowing that we were surrounded by the purest form of love from all our friends and family gave me such a massive high. My bridesmaids did an amazing job of just being beside me. I didn’t need anything else except their presence. When I started walking down the aisle it was like nothing I have ever experienced. I could feel the energy of everyone, and when I saw Greg I just knew that this was where we were meant to be. I couldn’t stop staring at him, and feeling so happy we were in that moment. The reception was the best PARTY everrrrrr!! The people we chose to surround us resonate everything that we are.

Our motto is to “Lead with Love”. In life, business, relationships – we try to approach things with an open heart and to be kind to everyone. We have never felt as blessed as we did that day. Every single person there, shared the same vibrations. It was a unity of one love. Even people that had never met before were on the same wavelength, and all shared in the happiness that was created that day. I could feel it everywhere I turned, and even from all the staff at Wananavu, it was a genuine joy. The speeches, the endless smiles and laughter, it wasn’t just a celebration of our union, it was a celebration of LOVE and all that it should be. Not one person wore a mask during this trip, everyone was as real and as open as you could ask from another human. And I truly hope that is a reflection of the people Greg and I will continue to attract in this lifetime. (Insert me having a cry as I write this, as I’m still overwhelmed by the magic, and magnitude of this day) xx

What were you’re favourite moment/s of the day:

I loved cutting the cake on the jetty as the fireworks went off and then running and jumping off the jetty! And then seeing all our friends run in after and my friend Lauren saying to me, “If you jump, I jump”. Our guests were amazing. They are unbelievably kind, crazy and brilliant souls. The wedding kiss was also a killer moment – greg nailed it. And as always, I felt our magic the most when we stood there and said our vows. I felt like we were in a bubble and we couldn’t take our eyes off each other. I also loved seeing everyones faces as I walked down the aisle and hearing them cheer. Greg crying when he saw me was also precious. The whole day felt like one magic moment!

Is there any advice you’d like to give future brides in preparation for their big day:

Never lose sight of what it’s about. It’s about your love, your relationship, your celebration. It doesn’t matter what food is served or how much money you spend, or any of the materialistic things. All that matters is that you create something that is truly yours. We stayed true to ourselves, and in staying true we have found ourselves in the happiest space of our lives. Remember to not sweat the small stuff, in the end, all that matters is the love you share.

Any special thanks or mentions you’d like to make:

Keleni and all the staff at Wananvu. We consider them family for life, thank you to YOU GUYS!!! The best photographers I could have hoped for. You made us feel so at ease. It was natural and effortless. My mum, Suzanne, for her endless guidance and support. Our FRIENDS who are the most beautiful souls that radiate love and kindness and the right amount of crazy, whom without them this wedding would not have happened! And each other (G and G) for learning, evolving, loving and growing every single day. We are definitely coming back next year so we can do a trash the dress shoot with you guys. Our thanks to the universe for pulling together the perfect amount of sunshine for our day.


Wedding Venue: Wananavu Resort

Reception Venue: Wananavu Resort

Rings: Paul Bram Jewellers – Custom design by Greg, Georgia and Paul.

Dress/s: Wedding: Grace Loves Lace Reception: Pia Gladys Perey for White Runway

Accessories: Headpiece by Summer Blossom

Earrings – Vintage (gift from Greg).

Naked anklets by Forever Soles – Fiji design

Hair & Makeup: Hair and Makeup Perfectionists

Flowers: Versatile Fiji

Bridesmaids dresses: Pia Gladys Perey for White Runway

Accessories: Samantha Wills Earrings


Suit: Bossini 

Accessories: Hugo Boss Watch

Groomsmen’s attire: Bossini

Cake: Sharika Kumar (Pastry chef at Wananavu )

DJ or outsourced entertainment: Kulture Band and fire dancers.