ZKIN Camera bag Review – By Ropate

Around 3 years or so ago we were in Hong Kong looking for gear when we stumbled across a local brand called ZKIN .We were initially drawn to how stylish their camera bags were (as you do) and so we decided to invest in the ‘Yowie’ backpack and later on added the Yeti and Champ to our collection.

The further we traveled the more we began to appreciate the practicality and most importantly the durability of this growing brand (the ZKIN gear having outlived the remainder of our other camera bags that we’d accumulated over the years!) It was almost as if they were designed with going ‘Off The Beaten Path’ in mind but would equally be at home within an urban setting!

CHAMP – Shoulder bag

‘Champ’ is my go to ‘grab bag’. I take it everywhere. It is a perfect carrier for photo sessions, weddings and traveling. The Champ is Ninja Sleek! Because of its design and design it allows us to be invincible, whilst still being able to hold a DSLR and 2 extra lenses.

In the past I’ve had ‘shoulder bags’ that were too bulky, so much so that when I was moving through tight spaces or guests at a wedding, I’d constantly have to to flick the bag in front or behind me (or just leave it somewhere out of the way) just so I didn’t end up knocking into anyone or anything.

With its easy accessible brass stud closure and adjustable compartments, everything is at arms reach for me and out of reach for anyone else.

They say that when you look good, you feel good, and you always want to turn up to a wedding looking and feeling good (without outshining the Bride or Groom…obviously). The same relates to shooting weddings. Champ’s stylish two toned leather and polyester front instantly gives off a professional presence when you enter a room, the rest is all on you.

‘Champ’ in Detail:

YETI Backpack

The YETI is a backpack with a lot of capacity.  I mostly use the Yeti for Urban sessions and consultations or for travel when I want to take a lot of gear. It fits 2 bodies and 3 lenses or 1 body and 3-4 lenses and has plenty of space for personal stash. We also like that our 15” Macbook pro slides in and out of it effortlessly. There is also a little zip on the side that lets you access the top compartment without having to open the whole backpack. Both Backpacks are super comfy to carry around.

YOWIE Backpack

YOWIE is mainly used for going OTBP.  We’ve pushed this backpack to the limits from the Scottish highlands, to the deserts (and alps) of Morocco, the heat of Santorini, the challenging conditions of the Grand Canyon, and all across Fiji! The YOWIE is still going strong.

We like that you have space on top to carry personal belongings and that you can extend the top to fit in more. There is also a little zip on the side that lets you access the top bit from the side without having to open the top.

‘Yowie’ is slightly smaller more compact version of the Yeti.


Ropate and Yowie at Horshoe Bend – USA