Adventure Elopement Planner – Christen and Rob – Fiji Highlands Elopement

Christen and Rob’s elopement which took place in October (I know right…we’re finally settling back in to some form of normality, which means there’s heaps more blogs coming your way), and styled in house as part of our OTBP (Off The Beaten Path) Elopement package has been making waves way beyond Fiji, including a feature in the coveted Hello May

How it all came together is a story that we feel strongly connected to, because it’s for couples like this (like us) that this package was designed for. “While we had looked into multiple wedding locations and venues in the United States, we quickly realised that A. anything we had interest in was very expensive and B. everything was booked out months, if not years, in advance. With the stress alone of just finding a place we could agree on, a joke about eloping quickly became more serious.  Combining the stress of picking a location that worked for us, with two sets of families in different states on the other side of the country, we decided that Eloping was the way to go.” Not long after we received an enquiry. The adventure had already begun.

First Look: Christen and Rob had been together for 6 years, engaged for a year and 2 months but on a whim made the call to elope about 3 months before landing in Fiji, a country they’d never even been to before! How cool is that? What this meant was that although they weren’t after a ‘traditional wedding’ the dress ended up being a kept secret which was revealed on the day in the form of a first look. Christen recalls the day she ventured out with her girlfriends to find ‘the dress’ and at the 3rd shop they entered called Swoon Bridal (see vendors list below) she struck gold “Swoon Bridal had MULTIPLE dresses that I LOVED. With the help of close girlfriends and family via pictures and face-time we were able to decide on THE ONE in just two sittings.  The ladies at Swoon were amazing and the boutique was absolutely adorable – it was honestly an incredible experience (Champagne!).  I would say for my limited expectations and fears, because of Swoon, dress shopping was a blast!!”

Here’s Christen’s sound advice for future Brides “Start dress shopping in advance to avoid expensive rush fees! Literally, the day after your engagement start thinking about dresses and venues, apparently these are not acceptable last minute decisions!  We are very spontaneous, so a lot of the availability, altercations, rush costs etc. were to be expected for us; but if you can plan in advance… do it.  Advice for a Fiji wedding – contact Kama Catch Me early, like well in advance.  Get their opinions and thoughts on what to do!.  Advice on Honeymoon: DO YOUR RESEARCH.  Not all resorts, islands, hotels etc. are the same despite similar price tags. We loved where we stayed after the wedding, we did however see/stay at some resorts that would not have been a good experience for a honeymoon as well.”

We were fortunate that we got to hang out with Christen and Rob the night before over a few drinks and hear how they arrived at this particular point in time, this not only helped in making them feel at ease – because up until then, all communication had been done online – but also to build a foundation of real friendship with them, because we like to think that any couple who opts for our OTBP elopement package is ‘our kind of people’ not afraid to do things their own way, carving their own paths, staying true to themselves. The OTBP Elopements are an extension of who we are, it’s what brings our creativity to life. For these guys we even designed and created a new arch, with flowers sourced the day before providing a pop of colour and relying on the Highland Goddess to bless us with good fortune in terms of the weather and she came through as always.

Adventure Elopement Planner: Gitte Laulau Kama from Kama Catch Me

All about the Experience: Just as the sun was beginning to set we pulled out our music box and surprised the couple with an impromptu first dance, which just happens to be one of Christen’s favourite memories of the day :) It’s what we live for and what we hope to cement within the couples…the new friends that we capture, that the overall experience is what they take with them, those moments that they hold dear individually and as a collective, those that are relived through photos and those that run deeper. Tapping into those recesses of the mind that ‘happy place’ means we’ve achieved what we set out to do. That feeling is priceless.


Adventure Elopement Planner / Styling / Florist /Cake / Celebrant / Transport : Organised and Styled by Kama Catch Me


HMUA:Layla from Silver Strand  Hair Colourist: Carissa Miles from Salon Lux Reno

Engagement Ring: Graziela Gems

Bridal Gown:Designed by Katie May Bridal Boutique: Swoon Bridal  Shoes: Vince Camuto


Suit: Calvin Klein Watch: Rolex Cufflinks: David Yurman Shoes: Allen Edmonds Tie and Suspenders: Brooks Brothers