Anza Borrego Roadtrip Photographer – Eddie and Audrey.

Act two Scene two: “Choose Love”

After the realisation that what connected them naturally was what others referred to as ‘The Force’ (which you can read more about here) they set off on a mission to spread its message. That the true essence of The Force wasn’t about race, colour, or religious beliefs it was about the understanding and appreciation that we were all created through The Force to give and share it’s Power as equals. This was the great secret, found in every single living organism, starting from elements like the water we drink and the great oceans that connect us, to the earth we walk upon, the flowers, plants and trees that provide shelter, sustenance, whilst filtering and cleansing the air we collectively share along with all the other living species that populate the planet earth who we we’re lucky to share it with. The Force was constantly at work gifting us infinite purpose and possibility to exist fearlessly, and with it the great responsibility of being able to choose between doing good or inflicting bad, of building up or bringing down, of fuelling Love or inciting Hate.

And they chose LOVE.

Our Road trip took us to some absolutely insane locations! This was probably one of the HOTTEST days ever! Which is why we topped up on water big time! Eddie and Audrey introduced us to this arid, beautiful place, as they had been before, actually the road trip was a collection of places that were close to their hearts, which made these sessions so much more real! Although we also threw in a few spots like ‘Salvation Mountain’ (which you’ll see further down) which was is somewhere that we knew existed but just had to see it with our own eyes.

Starring: Eddie and Audrey

Locations: Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Salvation Mountain – Salton Sea

Photographers: Gitte and Ropate