“Badlands – California Engagement Photographer – Audrey and Eddie”

It was like a scene out of some post apocalyptic movie. A world left to ruin after the last war, crippled by the darkness of mankind and his greed for power and control. Only two survivors remain protected by ‘The Force’, the invisible, indescribable, power of true LOVE.

Yes we watch too many movies (blame Netflix), but actually that was one of the many things we had in common with Audrey and Eddie…our love for movies. You just know you’re going to have a ball on a road trip when you can reference things through movie clips ha ha ‘The Force’ reference ‘obviously’ above refers to Eddie’s infatuation with Star Wars. We got to a stage during the road trip where we had to name our top 5 movies. Woah that was tricky!! 4 individuals with the potential of having 4 different top 5’s or even better a crossover of favourites. But it all added to the connection, the experience and the overall buzz. Here’s to the Force!

Welcome to Act One Scene One: “The Badlands”

Starring: Eddie and Audrey

Photography: Gitte and Ropate

Location: Fonts Point, Borrego Badlands 


Audrey: Showpo Wrap and Cross Maxi dress, H&M Combat Boots, Target Hat

Eddie: Cotton On White V neck Tee, Levi’s Jeans