“Gratitude and Discovery”

As we reflect back over the year that was 2015 we can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of Gratitude. Gratitude towards this craft that has given us so many opportunities, and more importantly to the couples who have let us into their lives to capture those special moments.

Right from the offset of 2015 we felt it important to establish ourselves as ‘Off The Beaten Path’ (OTBP) specialists, but as the year progressed what we started to realize was that going OTBP was more than just discovering ’ Cool locations’, but rather a discovery of different peoples, cultures, frontiers and life in general, so in an uncanny way it ended up being more of a discovery of ourselves.

This blog post is dedicated to those memories, moments and milestones of Gratitude and Discovery that made 2015 a Riot of an adventure. Whether it was the countless planes, seaplanes, helicopters, 4×4’s and not forgetting foot miles that we covered (and that’s just within Fiji) or the trips to Australia and New Zealand to visit fellow creatives to vibe and tribe with. It’s also a celebration of overcoming our insecurities to finally enter a few competitions, coming away with x8 ‘Wedding & Portrait Photographers International’ (WPPI) awards and x1 Junebug Weddings – 2015 Best of the Best Destination Weddings award, which was a HUGE win for us giving us a much needed boost in confidence and credibility among some insane global talent, especially in a day and age where everyone with a camera is a “Pro” or a #DestinationWeddingPhotographer.

So what does 2016 hold? Come Mid January we’ll be heading off to Europe for four months to find us some OTBP adventures, losing ourselves in new peoples, cultures (hello food cultures) and be challenged by new frontiers in the hope of discovering more of the world and our place in it. Thank you for journeying with us and cheering us on this far, stick with us as the best is yet to come.

Here’s to 2016.

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The Kama’s




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