About us:

Are you a team of photographers?

Yes we are and currently we have three full time photographers (Ropate and Faith) and one full time editor and stylist (Gitte) on our team.

Where are you based?

We are based in the Western Side of Fiji near Nadi Airport for the majority of the year.

Do you organise off the beaten path elopements?

Yes we do. We have a set amount of locations in Fiji that are perfect for OTBP elopements. We travel a lot and use these getaways to scout for potential OTBP elopements. We know what it takes to plan an elopement and can do it anywhere in the world.

Have you won any awards?

Yes we have been awarded several WPPI awards and 1x Junebug Best of the Best Wedding and 2x Junebug Best of the best Destination Wedding. We were recently awarded by Rangefinder for 2016 Destination Weddings Photography.


How do I know if you’re the right photographer for me?

If you feel a connection to our images and how we come across on social media then we’re pretty confident that we are the right match for each other.

Will we get to meet you before the wedding day?

Because the majority of weddings we shoot are destination weddings it’s very rare that we’ll get to meet you person before the big day. But if there is a chance to meet up, grab a coffee or Skype we will always make ourselves available.

How do we secure the date?

If we are available, we will send you a contract and request a 50% non refundable deposit to secure the date.

Do you offer (local) ‘discounts’?

We like to think that when you came to us it was because you were after a particular style and quality, the value we place on this quality is reflected in our price of the packages.


Do you style weddings?

We only offer styling services for elopements and Off The Beaten Path (OTBP) sessions, if it’s for a bigger wedding then we will offer you some styling tips and recommend vendors to work with.

Do you offer styling advice?

Please check our pinterest boards, where you can find the latest Wedding Dresses, Wedding Bands, Bouquets, Cakes,…

We will also send you our recommended vendors who will be able to help create your vision.

Do you shoot Videography too?

We recently started Videography (you can view our recent highlights videos here ) but as this is our first year we’re only offering these packages with our OTBP elopements.

Wedding Day:

How would you describe your style of working on the wedding day?

We have a laid back approach and document what naturally happens. We tend to blend in, with little interruption. If we see an opportunity, then we will give you directions to create a frame together. If you’re getting married in a resort, we’ll aim to take you out of the resort for your personal portraits. We work in a pair so the Bride & Groom will each have a photographer with them up until the ceremony. We put a lot of effort into your personal portrait session, we aim to give you a great experience by combining beautiful scenery and landscapes in the session and allowing you the time to appreciate it.

We’re super awkward in front of the camera how do you deal with that during the portrait session?

It’s totally ok to feel awkward, and having captured a number of equally hesitant and nervous couples over the years we’d like to think we know a thing or two about getting you buzzed up and relaxed on the day. When it comes to your personal portraits we’ll offer directions and and instructions to get you relaxed and into a comfortable and flattering position. This where being away from ‘the crowd’ comes in handy, so that there’s no pressure or interruptions.

What gear do you shoot with?

Canon Mark 5D III’s – Canon L series Lenses – Canon Flashes – ZKIN camera bags –  Check out our Shotkit if you like more detail.

Do you do videography?

Yes we do as of 2018. Please feel free to enquire.


Do you travel for weddings?

Yes! We have a travelling lifestyle, so we’re always looking for an excuse to travel.

Destination Weddings that are on our bucket lists are: Santorini, Barcelona, Scotland, Iceland, Copenhagen, Cuba, Palm Springs – Joshua tree, Sedona, Canyonlands, Indonesia, Bali, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii and we can keep going on and on…

Which countries have you shot in?

Fiji, Cambodia, USA, England, Wales, Scotland, Belgium, Morocco, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand, HongKong.

Do you shoot Hindu – Muslim – Buddhist – Greek – Christian – Same Sex marriages?

If it’s a celebration of two lives in love then we’re there regardless of race, colour, gender, or creed.

Trash the Dress session:

I would like a Trash the Dress Shoot, what do I have to keep in mind?

Most of the time we will hire a boat or seaplane to get you to your location which involves an extra transport cost. We also do shoots at waterfalls, in swimming pools and on the mainland. Our style is to shoot you semi-immersed so that we can capture the beauty of the location at the same time, adding to the experience and the memories at the same time.

Post Wedding: Albums / Prints / RAW Files:

Can we order prints and albums through you?

Yes, we work closely together with Printing Labs who use Gallery quality archival ink, fine art paper, and leather albums with the same quality print and paper. The quality of the outcome and durability is much higher then standard online print shops.

I love your landscape photographs on instagram, do you sell fine art prints that I can hang in my house or office?

Yes we do, please send us an email telling us which image you’d like in print and whats size you’d like and we’ll go from there.

Do you provide RAW files?

The only way to fully answer this question is with another question: ‘Do painters give away a half finished piece of commissioned art?’ For us providing RAW files is the exactly the same principle, we do however provide High Resolution JPG files that are ready to print.

Do You do Photoshop editing?

Part of our process when editing (aside from colour correction) is to do minimal touch ups as and when we feel appropriate. Kama Catch Me does not carry out any extensive work i.e removing sun tan lines, skin blemishes (that could be covered up by makeup), liquifying (i.e making bodies look thinner / smaller than what they are), adding or deleting absent people from photos or any other unnatural amendments to the images.

Do you blog all your weddings?

Unfortunately due to the amount of weddings we capture we can only feature a small selection of weddings each year.

Workshops / Mentoring:

I want to start my own photography business, do you offer photography mentorship or workshops?

We’re really keen on mentoring, so if you’re a budding photographer and aren’t happy were you are right now please check this page.