Fiji Pre Wedding Photography – Lafite & Bo

Lafite and Bo travelled all the way from Shanghai to Fiji for their ‘pre-wedding’ shoot. The idea of which was something totally new to us and so we asked if they could school us on the whole concept, this was Lafite’s reply:

“In China the thing is it’s still different from western countries, pre-wedding photo means ‘go far away from the real one’, rather than ‘go back to the most real thing’. It seemed no one would like to think about what they really want. That’s why in most pre wedding-photos all faces end up looking the same…

In China, the new couple always take a very ‘serious’ and ‘fake’ pre-wedding photo. Everyone looks slim and tall with absolute pure skin and as far as I can tell, they are all like a same face. A korean style is the most popular one in China recently, which are used for wedding and most of people will hang the huuuuge photo on the wall.

For me and Bo, we wanted something cool and different, but we didn’t want to spend half day makeing-up like a Korean and whole day shooting in studio or somewhere super significant (like the Shanghai Pearl Tower).

For us, we would like to go back to nature & real and record our day in our own way together…of course, mostly “what we want” was a photo shoot with you guys, and we both felt perfect with the location you chose and what we made together.

All in all, we love off the beaten path, the name the meaning and the way it shows!”

Next month we will be travelling to Shanghai to capture Lafite and Bo’s wedding and with their kind of ‘keeping it real’ approach, we have no doubt that it’s going to be an incredible adventure!



Any special thanks you’d like to make: I would like to thank Lydia from TOTOKA who did my makeup and she is amazing! I would like to recommend everyone have this genius artist making-up.

Engagement Band: Chaumet

Dress: Bought from Taobao ( Chinese Ebay)

Veil/headpiece: Bought from Taobao

Shoes: Steve Madden

Hair & Makeup: Lydia from Totoka Hair and Makeup

Tropical Flowers: by Gitte from Kama Catch Me

Suit: Tailor made suit (LABARCA)

Watch: Glashutte

Shoe: Tailor made by LABARCA