“Highlights 2016”

We don’t know about you but 2016 has been an amazing and eventful year for us! Although the year started off rough with Gitte fracturing her elbow in April (and sidelining her for the rest of the year), the injury however gave way to the induction of ‘Faith Yolanta’ into our lives sparking the start of a new chapter and friendship of which we’re so grateful for :)

This is the year that was 2016! There’s so much more that we would have liked to include in our highlights and it was always going to be a difficult task to select our favourite moments.

So this collection is a mash up of Weddings, ‘Off The Beaten Path’ adventures, location scouts, countries, cultures, couples, memories and all the good vibes in-between that have brought us fully fired up into 2017.

We are so grateful and truly honoured at the opportunity to capture so many amazing and adventurous couples, without you none of this would be possible so thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Now come celebrate with us.

Here’s to you guys.

From Ropate, Gitte and Faith

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Fiji Wedding Locations & Landscapes