Joshua Tree Photographer – Eddie and Audrey

We remember being in Joshua Tree last year and wishing we had a couple to hang with and capture, so when the opportunity arose to capture love birds Audrey and Eddie at one of our favourite spots for a pre wedding OTBP session, we couldn’t resist! The amazing thing about America is how diverse and unique each one of these National Parks and their surroundings is!

So far we had been to ‘The Badlands’ with it’s post apocalyptic geography and then there was the rocky crags and tight spaces of Borrego each with its own mana, strength, and draw. Joshua tree named after the impressionable cacti ‘Yucca Brevifolia Englem’ is unique because it grows only in the Mojave Desert (which you can read more about here).

The Light and temperature on the day made for perfect shooting conditions (we chose to shoot later on in the afternoon towards sunset). And so with Eddie and Audrey’s adventurous and playful spirit coupled with their infectious chemistry with a totally slaying backdrop in ‘Joshua Tree’ we felt complete. Enjoy

Starring: Eddie and Audrey

Location: Joshua Tree National Park

Photographers: Gitte and Ropate