Monika and Bhavishya – Honeymoon Photography Namale Fiji

We’d never captured a couple from New Delhi, India before, not that that should mean anything but it’s more that we rarely get to capture couples from India…those who were born, raised, and how currently live there. It’s more of a fascination for us to learn about their culture, ways of living, and even mannerisms like for example the side to side gentle nodding of the head when they are describing something that they want to emphasise or (to put it more aptly) add “soul” to…which I thought was just a ’stereotypical’ Hollywood thing to “denote someone of Indian descent”, but little did I know – proven by Monica and Bhavishya – that it was actually a day to day gesture, I was like ‘Wow, it’s for real’ ha ha so its those little cultural quirks the ones that are only particular to them that we really get excited by in geeky type of way.

Monika  and Bhavishya chose the stunning Namale Resort for their stay, which we rounded off with an OTBP session in the Highlands to give them the full Kama Catch Me experience.

honeymoon-photography-2018-namale-fiji-kama-catch-me For the Session at Namale we wanted to focus our attention on their chemistry, connection and intimacy then the highlands was all about the grandeur of the Fijian Landscapes in the hope that both experiences will leave them with a different vibe yet one fulfilling Bond. honeymoon-photography-2018-namale-fiji-kama-catch-me

Location Namale Resort  | Full Vendors List to follow