“Adventures in China – Shanghai pre wedding photographer”

A few months before leaving for China we received a ‘random’ email from a guy called Song (pronounced ‘Sung’) who asked if he could assist and learn from us whilst we were there.⠀

When you go to a new place for the first time it’s only natural to feel cautious about any interactions with people you’ve never met before. But we decided to meet anyways and hit it off straight away! With 90% of our conversation done through google translate, hand gestures, and reading body language we found this new relationship to be such a refreshing and contrasting cultural experience. ⠀

Despite our differences it feels like we have so much in common and are so glad they got in touch as they really completed our trip experiencing Shanghai through the eyes of these cool cats. From back alley Mahjong games, the various eateries that they took us to (refusing for us to pay for anything!), everyday spent with them was an absolute buzz! They were so excited to show us OTBP Shanghai, driving us to all over the city on an adventure of a lifetime where we snuck into derelict buildings, one time we got caught and ended up having to bribe the security guard with a few cigarettes! Another day we were walking through an alleyway and the next thing we know Song had negotiated with a family for us to enter their home (whilst they were cooking dinner) just to experience first hand what it was like and the family not only welcomed us but offered to feed us…In true Fiji style we didn’t hold back and the food was so good!! Everything about this couple and how they really ‘understood us’ despite the language / cultural barriers really blew us away! Thank you Song and Tana, we only hope we can extend the same courtesy when you come to Fiji. 谢谢

pre wedding Shanghai

What you have to appreciate, is that to get to this particular moment in time i.e sat in a boat heading down a river capturing our new friends Tana and Song, a series of actions and reactions needed to be made, all of which required a certain amount of drive and serendipity.

Song (a professional photographer based in Shanghai) and Tana (who is a professional hair and makeup artist) came across Green wedding shoes and stumbled upon Rene’e and David’s highlands elopement session that we’d done (after translating the text into Chinese) they then followed the link to our website and found Lafite and Bo’s OTBP session (which you can view here) again having to translate the text into Chinese! At the very end of the blog post we just happened to mention that we were so excited that we were going to Shanghai!

They emailed us straight away and the rest (as they say) is history.⠀

New friends that feel like old friends living in totally different worlds, but connected.