Stephanie and Foster – Off The Beaten Path Elopement Planner / Photographer

“We went on a trip with his family to the British Virgin Islands.  His Dad had rented a Catamaran so we could sail around all the different Islands.  About halfway through our trip, we had one day that was particularly adventurous.  That morning we snorkelled the RMS Rhone, which was an old sunken ship.  After that, we headed to Virgin Gorda Island where The Baths are located.  It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.  We were hiking the trail through The Baths and we stopped at this private little cove.  Foster asked me to walk to the edge of the rocks and check out the fish.  While I was looking over into the water I heard him say my name and I turned around and that’s when he got down on one knee and I said yes!”

Stephanie and Foster travelled from Granite Bay in California to Fiji to elope in the rugged highlands of Fiji because of a connection they felt through their love for the great outdoors and were hooked on the floral arch that we used for Garphing and Tzeyin’s elopement which you can check out here. We’re always trying to push our styling boundaries for every single OTBP Elopement that we do and so for these guys we incorporated ‘inflorescence’ which is the white “whisppy” flowers from sugar cane plants, which were the ‘main feature’ and not to mention the Duruka i.e Saccharum edule which is the bundle of green reeds placed by the base of the arch, which we later ate for dinner that night :)

off the beaten path elopement

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