Where the horses run wild

Where the rain keeps you closely knit

Deep in the heart of a culture and tradition that many say is lost!

This is where our Love was forged

A revival of the old that welcomed in the new.

Colours so vibrant and so rich,

Printed on Masi, yet embellished in our hearts!

Broad smiles and solemn oaths,

Everyone drenched in tears of joy,

Barefoot yet stood tall on the soil of our forefathers.

And from that bright blossom, Balenabelo brought us together as one

Congratulations Stephanie and Joe

We loved everything about this day, even the rain seemed to be just perfect. You see rain has the ability to change peoples moods and even dampen the atmosphere of a wedding day, but this rain was magical in the way it drew everyone together, all huddled in tight and cosy, beaming with smiles and erupting with the laughter of celebration. What this union has done for us as a couple far outweighs this amazing experience, it has instilled in us a heartwarming pride for the Fijian (iTaukei) people who hold onto and guard our precious cultural traditions and rituals, and may it long continue (in this fashion).

It was so difficult for us to pick out one specific moment of the day that really stood out, but if we had to choose one, it was probably seeing the village of Balenabelo for the first time – it literally took our breaths away. We asked Steph what her and Joe’s was and this was her response:

“Saying I DO! The rain will be something we will never forget too, plus dancing for hours after the ceremonies were finished, and the COLOURS!”


Venue: Balenabelo Village

Celebrant: Rev. Sakenasa Rakaria

Dress/s: Halo Bridal

Shoes: Forever New

Hair & Makeup: Totoka Hair Fiji

Flowers: Handpicked from the garden

Reception Catering: Sheraton, Vomo, and Naviti

Reception Styling: Sheraton & Vomo

Band/DJ: Fiji Corrections Service Band

Sound and Lighting: : Fiji Corrections Service Band

Wedding Cake: Cakes 2000 Suva

Any special thanks or mentions you’d like to make: “A huge thanks should go to our family and friends and the people of Balenabelo who put on the most amazing experience of our lives. It was an fabulous occasion particularly for those who travelled to Fiji and were received as family.”

Venue: Balenabelo Village

Celebrant: Rev. Sakenasa Rakaria

Dress/s: Halo Bridal

Shoes: Forever New

Hair & Makeup: Totoka Hair Fiji

To Be Continued…