Tina and Nick – Wild Tropical Elopement Taveuni

“Marriage means that Nick and I are a true unit. Our commitment between us (and our daughter) is solidified and we’re there to take everything together–even the difficult moments. You have to take the bitter with the sweet!”

We’ve been dreaming of a wedding like this for a long long time, because nothing says OTBP more than a wild tropical elopement with lush green vegetation, ocean views finished off with an adventure to thundering waterfalls! Taveuni was always going to be a challenge for us to organise but we were so glad that we were able to team up once again with Natasha and our family from The Remote Resort (where Tina and Nick were staying) who not only connected us to the spokesperson from Lavena Village but also provided flowers and a headpiece including having the lovely ‘Vilisi’ accompany and assist us on the day!

It takes an adventurous and daring couple to break away from the idea of a “traditional wedding” and opt to elope instead, and for Tina and Nick (both software engineers from Southern California) one of the main reasons was the idea of a stress free wedding with the focus being about their intimacy which a big wedding often doesn’t allow. An elopement ensured the freedom and tranquility to live in the moment and Fiji fit the bill for them especially as neither Tina or Nick had been before.

For her dress, Tina says she was so undecided that she actually bought several dresses online from BHLDN and got one fitted last minute! She wanted something simple that felt a bit “beach-y” to match the rustic wedding venue.

Speaking of wedding venues, what stood out for us was that Tina and Nick wanted something Organic and Raw for their wild tropical elopement, this was a couple after our own hearts whose preference was for ‘Nature to provide’ so that nothing needed to be cut down or cleared out. So for the setup we collected driftwood bamboo and old palm tree fronds were used to line the walkway. This was keeping it real!

When we asked Tina and Nick what some of the fun and memorable moments from the day were, this was their reply..“Besides the actual ceremony? Haha.. I guess it would be the journey to the waterfall by boat – beautiful scenery and lots of bonus waterfalls to see on the way. Having to wait for the perfect moment to enter/exit the bottom of the falls via boat was a thrill too! Fun memories would have to be Right after we finished getting ready, we stepped out of our villa and started walking down the jetty to the boat, it started raining–as soon as we stepped onto the boat, the rain stopped! 2. After we both said “I do” and kissed, we heard clapping and turned around to see several locals sitting on the beach and enjoying the show.”

Their journey to arrive at this particular moment in time, we believe was expressed through the type of wedding they choose to have. To Elope away from it all, just them and the elements, making promises, celebrating the past, the present and their collective futures. The adventure to the waterfalls and then jumping off (keep scrolling) for us this was so symbolic of them, taking on whatever life throws at them and their daughter, pushing forwards come whatever as long they stood together x

Their advice for couples looking to elopement is “Make it easy! It’s the whole point. Our wedding day was effortless, adventurous, fun beautiful and unforgettable!”

If you are up for a wild tropical Elopement like this or if you’re interested in a couples Adventure session in Taveuni then get in touch via the contact page and we’ll hook you up.

Wedding Venue: Lavena Coastal Walk
Wedding Bands + Engagement Ring: Eliopulos jewelers
Dress: BHLDN
Accessories: Flowers crown provided by The Remote Resort
Hair & Makeup: Bride
Flowers: The Remote Resort